Real Estate in High Point: High Point University Brings Growth to the Area

Woman Reading BookIf you drive through High Point, you will see many stores that boast flags, banners and signs that say “We Love High Point University!”

There is a great reason for this. High Point University and Nido R. Qubein, the seventh HPU president, have encouraged a lot of growth to the real estate in High Point.

Because of them, High Point has seen many transformations such as:

  • A significant growth in academics
  • 197% increase in undergraduate enrollment
  • 152% increase in faculty
  • 313% increase in college acreage
  • Being ranked the #1 Regional College in the South for 2015

This is just a few of many that have been achieved since Qubein took over.

Qubein’s Effect on High Point

Over one billion dollars has been invested into the university, of which $225 million was raised without a formal campaign.  Another $2.1 billion will be invested in order to make further improvements by 2020. When Nido Quebin began expanding on HPU’s campus, he helped to expand the rest of High Point as well, even during difficult economic times.

Because the campus expanded in size and in population, there were many new jobs that were created. This lead to a significant boost to High Point’s economy. More people have been encouraged to settle down as a result of the growing job market.

This also leads to more visitors to the town and more opportunities for tourist attractions. Cultural and sporting events bring in those who may not have even attended the school and has been giving the members of the town something to bond over.

Qubein is helping to put High Point University on the academic map, which is making the town of High Point stand out as an up and coming town. The growth of the surrounding area will bring many advantages to those looking to settle down.

Venture Off the Campus

There is more to love in High Point! This town is conveniently located in the middle of the state, equal distance from both the mountains and the beach. This is the perfect setup for those who like both climates and don’t want to choose just one!

Education is something that is important to High Point, NC. There are four community colleges and 13 colleges and universities within 25 miles of High Point. High school graduates will have many local choices available to them.

If this wasn’t enough, you will also know your family’s health will be in good hands because nearby are the High Point Regional, Moses Cone and Wake Forest University health centers. Combines this network boasts over 20,000 health care professionals that are ready to help take care of you.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home in High Point, NC the knowledgeable staff at Ed Price Realtors can make your process an enjoyable one.


  1. Libby Draughn says

    I would like to know if High Point University is interested in purchasing a home on Chatham Dr. for students. We are located behind the new dorms.

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