Homes for Sale in High Point

 Homes for Sale in High Point

Homes for Sale in High Point

High Point, N.C., is a city in the midst of a rebirth. Once synonymous with furniture and textiles, High Point is now rapidly becoming a center for distribution, logistics, customer service, pharmaceuticals, technology, and sales. The city’s strong university presence, diverse range of careers, and mix of declining and emerging industries makes it a city of opposites and change. If you’re considering looking for homes for sale in High Point N.C., here is some more information that might assist you in your decision.

More about High Point NC

High Point is a mid-sized city in North Carolina’s Piedmont region. Widely known for its history as a furniture and textile manufacturing center, High Point has often been referred to as the Furniture Capital of the World, a that name has been frequently challenged by Grand Rapids, Michigan. High Point’s official slogan is “North Carolina’s International City” due to its enormously popular High Point Market, which attracts hundreds of thousands of buyers from around the world twice a year. It is home to three Universities, most notably High Point University, a beautiful private school.

High Point is well known for its wide socioeconomic mix. The area is home to both enormous luxury mansions and humble apartment complexes, retirees and working professionals. Due to the shift from manufacturing to the finance, technological, and corporate industries, High Point is becoming a popular place for young professionals to begin their families and careers. This is perhaps why the city has experienced a tremendous population boom in the past few decades, increasing over 18% since 2000.

Real Estate in High Point

Whether you are a young professional looking to build a career, or a young couple ready to start a family, the neighborhoods of High Point, North Carolina offer plenty of options. Recent college graduates might enjoy living in condominiums tucked amidst the downtown offices, while families will appreciate the suburban areas such as Sandy Ridge.

No matter where you choose to live, you can take comfort in knowing that High Point’s cost of living is 14 percent lower than the U.S. average. Why choose an expensive home in Raleigh, Durham, or Charlotte? Affordable, genuine Southern charm is available right here in High Point, NC.

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