Who is Ed Price?


Ed Price is what makes our company great.  He is the hub of our successfully turning wheel.  He is the leader with vision, the mentor who never tires, and the encourager who finds something positive in every situation.

Who is this legend, this High Point icon, this community activist who holds more than 50 awards for community service?  You might find him driving home from a school board meeting after midnight on any given night, after relentlessly advocating his position – a position that will always be about the kids. Or, you might find him spearheading the local fundraising effort for His Laboring Few ministries in preparation for their annual Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner – and delivering the plates himself. You could also find him on a ball field, coaching little league, or in a local shoe store, preparing children’s feet for the next ballgame. You may find him at the women’s shelter, Leslie’s House, advocating for the latest victim. You might walk into the bank, and see him co-signing a car loan for a kid just getting on his financial feet.

And there is so, so much more to this man who lives and breathes to make the world a better place. Ed Price has an unmatched passion for life, compassion for others, and so much sheer positive energy! For more than five decades, Ed has been described as a human cyclone, a driving force, one who sets dreams into motion, a voice for the voiceless, and a champion for those who need help. Through his selflessness, Ed has touched thousands of lives by giving, helping, and caring for the community.

When Ed first began working, mowing yards as a young teen, he asked to be paid in dollar bills so that he could more easily give to the less fortunate. Years later, he is still going strong.  Ed still speaks out on important issues, offers a helping hand to the less fortunate, and works to set things right in the world. His vision continues to drive the future of our company and his beloved hometown city of High Point, NC. Those who work with him are indeed privileged. Agents are released to work with integrity knowing they have a solid backing. One thing you can be sure of is that Ed Price will always highlight the good in people, situations, and life. Guaranteed. Inspired and mentored by one of the greatest citizens of our time, those who know Ed are encouraged on a daily basis.

What others say about Ed Price:

“…the eloquent speakers will talk about Ed. They will attempt to tell you about the spirit of this man. The truth is that the most eloquent of speakers cannot describe this man. You cannot talk about it. You can only feel it.” Nido Qubein, President High Point University

“Ed is one of the most genuine and compassionate people I have ever known. We have been friends since grade school and he is the kind of man who loves people, especially young people, and he simply wants to help them reach their God-given potential. He is an amazing person and our community is blessed to have him.” Bill Millis, long time friend and business partner

You have already created a great legacy through your generosity to the community, but for me, there is no greater gift you could ever give and no greater legacy you could ever leave than to assure that homeless women have an opportunity to begin again.” Becky Yates, Executive Director, Caring Services

“He is a real estate broker by trade, a child advocate by choice. He’s a channeled manic, passionate energy into one purpose – making life better for High Point’s children. Triad Sports Center city parks and ballfields would probably not exist if not for Price.” Jill Rosen

He has a heart that is as big as High Point and the smallest ego of anyone I have ever seen.” Becky Mendenhall, former High Point Mayor

“He’s the unsung hero of Miracle Field, Leslie’s House . . . I can tell you that so many families who needed the true essentials of life – food, clothing, money, and other resources – were provided for by Price and his leadership . . . his energy and his resources have kept generations of our young people out of trouble.” Paul Lessard, President High Point Community Foundation.


High Point Jaycees, Distinguished Service Award

WFMY-TV, Personality of the Week

High Point Youth Council, Outstanding Adult Volunteer

YWCA Volunteer of the Year

WGHP-TV Citizen of the Year

High Point College Friends of Youth Award

High Point Public Schools Dean B. Pruette Award

Salvation Army Outstanding Youth Volunteer of the Year

Archdale Jaycees DSA Award

United Way Community Hero Award

High Point Chamber of Commerce Small Business Advocate of the Year Award

High Point Fellowship of Christian Athletes Citizen of the Year

Ed Price Baseball Field at High Point Athletic Complex – named in his honor

United Way Power of You Award

High Point Human Relations Commission Humanitarian of the Year

The Business Journal Fast Fifty Award

The High Point Enterprise Readers Choice Awards

Best Realty Company

Best Realtor

High Point Community Foundation Spirit of the Foundation Award

Biggest Sweetheart of High Point

YMCA Hall of Fame